Breaking News: Roshtein and Drake Latest Streaming Event June 2023

For those of us who love watching casino streamers, there is no doubt that the Stake streamers are the best of the lot. And as StakeFans, this comes to us as no surprise, since Stake casino is the best around. You could say, it’s a perfect fit: a match made in virtual heaven.

Drake and Roshtein Stream 2023 News

© | Drake and Roshtein during their last Casino Stream on Twitch. It seems as if their next Casino Stream on is close to come.

So what could be better? Partnership of course. That is the awesome excitement created by the format of two-for-one – i.e. when two streaming stars host a session together. Or in the case of this breaking news – the two biggest Stake stars in our opinion – the rapper Drake and the casino super-celeb Roshtein, who we have a strong hunch will be streaming live at some point over the weekend, either Saturday June 3 or Sunday June 4, 2023, from our best guess.

Why just guess? Well, there has yet to be an official announcement made. But in Roshtein’s recent Kick session (the platform he has increasingly been streaming from these days) he made some pretty strong allusions. Like what?

For starters, he said he was going to be offline, locking his account, and not streaming for 24 hours as he travels to Canada. And we all know who lives in Canada right? He also said, there is going to be a stream coming this weekend, Thursday and/or Friday, and something extraordinary on Saturday/Sunday, with more to come on Twitter, Telegram, and all his social media channels.

Drake and Roshtein Live Stream


The time of speculation is over: Drake and Roshtein will be Live on!

We already predicted it, now Stake confirms the forthcoming reunion of Drake and Roshtein by officially announcing a Live Stream on Sunday (June 4th) at 12am (GMT).

Streamer Fans IconHe went on to say: “I can’t say what’s happening, but I think you know. But I can’t announce it right now,” promising he will let us know when it’s ready, hopefully very soon (in his words), and to “wait for the news, wait for the announcement”. Then, before he signed off he reiterated: “I’m very excited about it. I think you know. I think you know deep inside. But more about that later,” before he said good-bye.

So it could be anything. That being said, the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs, so it won’t be that. He could be going to a Jays game, which would be nice for him, but not of much interest to his fans. And maybe he’ll be doing some shopping on the side. But based on our knowledge of him, and his past mashups with Drake, we are betting it is going to be a joint streaming event. And if so, it is not to be missed.

True, these guys have partnered before. And you can catch clips of these events online after the fact. But nothing beats catching it live, as it’s streamed. And so you read it here first – make sure to tune in to Roshtein on Kick this weekend if you don’t want to miss out.

And, on the small off chance that we’re wrong, hey, who knows? Maybe it could be something even more exciting than a Roshtein – Drake stream. Something so utterly awesome we can’t imagine it right now. But either way, our bet is on something super exciting, and we will definitely be tuning in!

Why watch Drake and Roshtein Stream?

Since Drake is one of the biggest names in the music industry, and increasingly growing a casino streaming following, and Roshtein is pretty much the streaming king, this is a meeting of talent destined to enthrall. There are awesome streamers, and then there are awesome streamers, after all, and these two guys are most definitely at the top of the list.

As StakeFans, we assume you know them both, so we won’t get into their individual attributes too much here. But if not, you can always check out the Roshtein profile we wrote up to highlight why he’s so famous, and worth watching. And of course, visit our Drake streaming profile, if you’re wondering how on earth one of the biggest R&B / hip hop stars found himself moving from casual player to actual Stake partner, regularly endorsing the brand.

Each of these guys has garnered a streaming following on their own, though Roshtein obviously hosts sessions far more frequently (either on Twitch or Kick), since it is his main line of “work”. Drake is harder to find gambling online, though when he is, it is a massive, newsworthy event that garners a whole lot of attention and fanfare. Not every celeb, after all, is willing to admit how much they love online gambling. So kudos to him on this!

Past streaming sessions featuring Roshtein and Drake

Thumbs Up IconEven less frequently than Drake’s individual streams, you will find this powerful duo streaming together. So like we said, when it happens, it is a moment not to be missed. But if you did miss past streams, let us recap for a second, since this is a partnership with some history that’s worth following.

Most recently, for example, about a month ago, in April 2023, the duo met up in Turks and Caicos for an exciting and intense gambling session at the roulette tables (Drake’s known favorite), some live blackjack, fun chit chat smoking a hookah by the pool, and complete with $2 million in giveaways! This goes to say that watching them is not only entertaining, but when two powerhouses come together, it can be quite lucrative for all!

Before that, they did a number of meetups, which can still be found on YouTube or their respective Twitch then Kick channels, as they moved streaming venues. For example, in October 2022, Drake hosted Roshtein in another Stake sponsored event, live from Dave & Busters, of course also with cash giveaways – $20,000 to each winner – requisite drinks in hand, live roulette tables, slots, a super active chat, and a whole lot of fun, highlighting how personable these guys are. And why they are considered amongst the best in the streaming business.

Not long after, in December 2022, in continuation of what was essentially a meetup series, the pair brought the gambling party to Turks and Caicos, which is a destination that Drake calls his second favorite place after Toronto (i.e. a nice plug for the islands too). There they further solidified the bro vibe, clearly enjoying each other’s company as they gambled to a huge number of enthralled fans, live.

What you’ll get out of watching this live Kick Stake casino stream

If the past is an indicator of anything, we can only say, if what we think is happening the weekend of June 2, 2023 is correct, this is going to be even more exciting than before. Because, like we said, as the bond between these two streaming celebs and individual superstars increases, and they become more familiar with each other in these frontal meetings, the banter only gets better. And the ante upped, since that’s the way gambling goes. And you might even enjoy some tips, as these guys are true gambling pros, with the bankroll to show you how the big boys do it.

So, what you’ll get out of watching is some guaranteed entertainment, an opportunity to witness some high stakes gambling, and like we said, probably the chance to win some cash in some way. We can’t guess how they’ll be giving it out this time, but giveaways are undoubtedly part of the draw.

Where to watch the Roshtein-Drake stream

Since Roshtein made his “announcement” on Kick – in quotation marks because the announcement was more like a hint towards a bigger revelation – we assume that this celeb casino gambling session will be hosted on the Kick streaming platform, rather than Twitch.

That’s where they did it last time by the way. Though they started off this partnership on Twitch, as has been taking off amongst casino streamers, it makes sense to move it there. And Stake casino, as we know is one of the backers of Kick, so this makes even more sense, doing double duty promoting both the casino and the streaming platform.

Why is Stake the home casino for so many celeb streamers anyways?

If you’re wondering why these guys are doing this live streaming from Stake, the answer is pretty clear. They obviously have some sort of promotional partnership with the crypto casino. Whether they are paid straight out, or simply have their bankroll funded is anyone’s guess. But it seems to be a partnership that works for both sides as it continues to grow.

In addition, Stake happens to be the best crypto casino around, hands down. So while these two guys are sought after talent, we highly doubt they would put their names to a less impressive place with:

  • Thousands of online casino games
  • Awesome original crypto titles
  • Virtually unlimited cashouts
  • The option to gamble in 20 different cryptos, and now even euros

Like we said, the best in the business. Not by chance. But because this operator is significantly invested in doing things a cut above the rest, every time!

Bottom line – Make sure to watch the live stream

While we can’t guarantee it, the word on the street is 100% leaning towards another session of Drake hosting Roshtein, and this time on his home turf in Canada. If this is the case, this is not to be missed.

So make sure to tune in to either Drake’s Kick channel or more likely Roshtein’s channel, to make sure you catch it. And of course, we’ll keep you posted once the Stake news is confirmed. Because as StakeFans, it’s our duty to keep you informed of all the latest developments related to our favorite casino.

If, by the way, Roshtein’s build up was for something else, well, we can only guess it will be at least as exciting and worth tuning in for as well. So if you’re an avid streaming fan, or new to the genre, take it as an official recommendation, and watch. Minimal you’ll be highly entertained, and the way these events go, who knows, you could even walk away a big cash winner yourself.

Breaking News: Roshtein and Drake Latest Streaming Event June 2023
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