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Everyone knows Bitcoin nowadays, but with all the massive ups and downs and all the talks of a crypto winter, is there a better cryptocurrency to hold, something that’s just a little bit more stable and predictable so that it’s easier to plan your casino bankroll? Well, let us introduce you to Litecoin and Litecoin casinos. This is a coin that those who’ve been around the crypto scene like to keep in their wallet and play with.

Founded in 2011 by Charlie Lee, Litecoin, or LTC, is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today. A computer scientist by trade, Lee had been working for Coinbase when he decided he could develop a digital coin of his own. That is exactly what he did, and just a short 6 years after launching, the coins were almost completely sold out by 2017. Today, Lee still lives in the US, but LTC keeps its headquarters in Singapore, the Asian financial hub.

We’ll tell you all about gambling with LTC on this page. There are several first class crypto casinos that bank with LTC and we have everything you need to get rollin’.

LTC Details

Company: Litecoin Foundation Ltd.
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Singapore
Founders: Charlie Lee
Availability: Over 100 countries
Best LTC Casino: Stake

Gambling with Litecoin – Important Starting Points

With crypto being a real thing nowadays, there are more and more casinos accepting cryptocurrencies for gambling. However, since Litecoin is more of a connoisseur coin and hasn’t been getting as much attention in the media like Bitcoin, Doge and Ethereum, not all casinos have the capacity to bank with LTC. To facilitate things for you, our team at Stakefans have put together this list of casinos that accept Litecoin below.

You will need to have Litecoin in your wallet before you start. That’s easy enough though, as you can buy it at practically any crypto exchange, including the most common ones like Binance, Coinbase, Exodus and Bitpanda. Obviously, you will need to sign up for a casino account too. Alternatively, some casinos like Stake let you buy Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies through their gateway, so don’t be discouraged if you’re completely new to the crypto scene and aren’t set up with a cryptowallet yet.

We do highly recommend installing the app for your crypto wallet to make the banking process easier. If you’re playing at for example, then you can simple scan the QR code to complete your transactions, instead of manually typing in the transaction address each time. It’s faster and you avoid errors.

Top Litecoin Casinos

Casino Bonus License Play
Stake Casino Logo LTC promos Curacao
Rocketpot Tab 10 % Cashback Curacao
Roobet Casino Logo Crypto promos Curacao
FortuneJack Casino Logo 100 no deposit free spins Curacao
mBit Casino Logo 1,150 LTC + 300 free spins Curacao
Cloudbet Casino Logo 50 LTC Curacao

Of course, being Stake fans, we do think the best place to gamble with LTC is Stake, but these Litecoin gambling sites have all proven their worth with real players. They are all legit, have an awesome selection of games, and pay out like they should. Playing with cryptocurrencies in these casinos is a breeze and they will largely accept LTC as well as other coins.

Security is always an important topic in crypto casinos as much as at online casinos. No worries with Litecoin transactions at the casinos listed above, as they all use state of the art technology to ensure that transactions are water tight. At Stake Casino for example, there are 6 internal confirmations before the transaction is approved. This means it might take around 10 minutes before your casino balance is updated, but that’s really nothing in exchange for banking safety.

Advantages of playing at an LTC Casino

  • Fast banking, especially fast withdrawals
  • High level of security and anonymity
  • Excellent choice of provably fair games
  • Many LTC casinos have chat streams
  • Good list of LTC casinos to choose from
  • High limits to no limit gambling

Although not nearly as many sites take LTC as compared to BTC, there are still more than enough good LTC casinos to choose from. And because Litecoin is lesser known, LTC casinos tend to be top crypto casinos offering all the advantages of crypto play like the unique games and chats, rather than just any gambling site that has added a Bitcoin payment gateway to jump on the train at the last minute.

Key Differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin

Alright, choosing a Litecoin casino over a BTC one means that you’re more likely to be in a top notch crypto casino, rather than any old gambling site that is trying to get a share of the crypto bounty. But what are the differences between the two coins themselves?

Litecoin vs BitcoinLower price of entry: This is key. Despite its recent crash, the price of BTC is still incredibly high. Litecoin on the other hand is still very affordable. And everyone in crypto assets knows that buy low sell high is key.

More stable value: Litecoin is known for being a digital coin with a slightly more stable value than BTC, although that’s all relative. Just to give you an idea, it went from trading at $126 to $151 all in the same week in January 2022. That’s almost a 20% jump. It means that it even though it’s more stable than BTC allowing you to plan things better, LTC still comes with more than enough energy to be considered a good investment, and you can cash in some decent profits from trading.

Otherwise, LTC shares much of the same characteristics of Bitcoin. It’s decentralized and operates on a blockchain. Of course, no banks are involved either.

Disadvantages of LTC Casinos

There is only one real disadvantage to gambling with LTC. And that is the mining fee is higher than Bitcoin and Doge, sometimes going up to 20%. Our tip is to choose your crypto wallet carefully. Shop around a bit and you might end up making significant savings on network transaction fees on all your crypto exchanges, whether it be LTC, BTC, ETH or any other coin.

Where to Buy Litecoin

Although many casinos do let you buy cryptocurrencies from their site using payment gateways from third party providers, it’s best to buy Litecoin from a crypto exchange and have it ready in your wallet if you’re planning to play at a crypto casino in the longer run. It’s much faster and you have better control over things like exchange rates.

It’s pretty easy to find Litecoin on most exchanges. The more established exchanges typically offer crypto-wallets as well so you have everything to get started. Reputable and trusted exchanges with wallets include:

Bitpanda Coinbase Exodus Wallets

  • Bitpanda
  • Coinbase
  • Exodus

These exchanges and wallets are designed for cryptocurrency trading and investing. That means they offer a lot more than just buying coins, although rest assured that they are still easy to use with smooth and clean interfaces.

How to deposit Litecoin in the Casino – Important Steps

So you’re ready to start gambling with Litecoin, and you’re wondering how to start. Well, it’s actually incredibly easy. It’s not so different from making a deposit at a regular online casino or just buying something on the internet. There is however a little difference though if you are using a crypto wallet and not buying LTC from the casino. But no worries, here are the basic steps to deposit LTC into your casino account.

We’ve used the process from Stake Casino as an example, but it’s more or less the same at other crypto casinos.

helpful tips icon

  1. Login to your casino account
  2. Click on the blue “Wallet” button
  3. Under the “Deposit” tab, select Litecoin from the Dropdown menu
  4. You’ll see a QR code – just scan that with your crypto wallet app. If you don’t have an app for your wallet, then copy and paste the LTC address displaced into your wallet.
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit and complete the transaction
  6. The amount will show up in your casino account once all confirmations on the blockchain are completed. This can take a few minutes.

What’s really important to note is that Binance BEP20 LTC is not accepted at Stake. BEP20 is a special Binance smart chain token and is applied to Ethereum coins as well. We therefore do not recommend Binance as your wallet if you are keen to play with LTC or ETH, but Bitpanda, Coinbase and Exodus work great.

Of course, you could also just buy Litecoin via the Moonpay gateway at Stake Casino too.

Withdrawing Litecoin from Your Account

The process for cashing out with Litecoin is more or less the same as depositing. The obvious advantage here is that withdrawal times are significantly faster. At Stake, it usually takes around 10 minutes for the confirmations to get through before the money is in your wallet. Alright, we’ll admit it’s not literally instant, but it’s pretty darn fast compared to online casinos that can take up to 3 or 4 days. Withdrawal limits are significantly higher too.

Info IconDo note there are mining fees associated with crypto transactions that occur outside of your wallet’s network, which means your deposits and withdrawals will cost you a little something extra. This is however the norm with anything crypto.

Bet in LTC – See Value in Fiat

When it actually comes to betting with Litecoin, crypto casinos like Stake have added a nice feature: you can see the value of your bet in USD, Euros or just about any fiat currency you fancy. This feature actually works for any cryptocurrency you might be playing with at the casino. Particularly for those who hold several different coins, this nifty little touch will help you keep track of your actual balance without having to check the exchange rate constantly. Of course, the value displayed is just a rough one and you will still be betting and withdrawing in LTC.

Provably Fair Games with LTC

Fair games are at the heart of LTC casinos – in fact it’s at the heart of all the best crypto casinos. To that end, these casinos have something called Provably Fair games. These games give you a hash so you can verify that the results to each round you played were indeed random. This feature is unique to crypto games – as the games are played on a blockchain, everything is recorded and transparent, meaning their fairness can verified by anyone. Other than this built in feature, many of these games like Plinko, Crash and Mines, are original games that break away from the usual formats, with a clean and clear interface and high betting limits.

Mind you, not all casinos that accept cryptocurrencies have Provably Fair games. Some casinos have simply added crypto – usually BTC, as a payment method, but they aren’t really specialists in crypto and haven’t added these games. That’s why choosing a good crypto casino is important if you want to enjoy all the advantages of crypto gambling. The good news however, is that because Litecoin isn’t an overhyped coin, most Litecoin casinos tend to be the real deal.

What LTC Games are Available?

We’re here for the good times, so what are some of the actual games you can play with Litecoin? Well, we’re happy to tell you that LTC casinos have awesome range when it comes to gaming. You got those Provably Fair crypto games, which play more like arcade games than the traditional casino fare, but then you can also use LTC to play Blackjack, Roulette, slots, and just about anything else you expect from a first class online casino. Crypto casinos often have titles from leading developers in the online casino space such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds at these establishments.

LTC and Crypto Games at Stake

LTC Live Casino

Those who’ve enjoyed live dealer games at online casinos won’t skip a beat by switching over to a crypto casino with LTC. We all know Evolution Gaming is the current king in the live casino field, and they’ve really pushed the envelope going way beyond card games to adding game shows and virtual games like Monopoly Live. So we’re happy to report that yes, Evolution Gaming live games are compatible with LTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Although it’s less common for Litecoin casinos and other crypto gambling sites to offer huge welcome bonuses like online casinos do for your first deposit, you can still claim plenty of offers and promos when gambling in LTC. Stake for example, is famous for its rain system. Essentially, every now and then, the casino will rain coins to players. It’s a random system, but numerous Stake fans do report that being active in the chat stream and making active wagers definitely seem to help to catch rain. We’ve summarized some other LTC casino promotions for you below.


Rocketpot Litecoin Banner

Rocketpot does have a welcome bonus for new players. It’s up to 1 BTC, but you can claim it in other cryptocurrencies as well, including Litecoin. That translates to roughly 336 LTC, or $38,000 US at the time of writing. This is obviously a lot more than your average casino welcome offer! They’ve also been running a Daily Cashback program for a while, which is always a safe bet.


Roobet Bonus Banner

Roobet is best known for its Roowards program, which as the pun suggests is a loyalty rewards program. What’s really awesome about it is that it’s composed of a Daily Rakeback, which is a percentage of your wagering activity, win or lose; a Weekly Cashback, which is a percentage of your losses; and a Monthly Bonus with a fresh injection of free chips to keep your bankroll nice and fat.


FortuneJack Freespins Banner

Fortunejack Casino has a pretty solid welcome bonus of up to 6BTC or its equivalent in other cryptos, which means that’s about about 2010 LTC. Alternatively, you could use fiat to claim the bonus too, up to $1,200 USD. They have tons of other offers as well, like 100 free spins for just signing up and verifying your account.

Litecoin Free Spins

Free spins are every slot player’s must have and you won’t miss out when you spin at a Litecoin slot site. While not as many sites will give no deposit free spins like Fortune Jack does, you will find that casinos like Mbit, Cloudbet and Fairspin like to toss in free spins with their various promotions. Like with regular online casinos, it’s worth logging in to check what the weekly special might be. Whether you’re playing with LTC, BTC or another coin usually doesn’t matter as long as you meet the requirements to claim the offer, which normally includes an easy minimum deposit.

Our Assessment of Litecoin Casinos

Thumbs Up IconKnown for its low cost of entry and relatively stable value that can still deliver profitable returns, Litecoin is a solid choice in the crypto investment landscape. It’s also these qualities that make LTC one of the best coins to gamble in. It doesn’t cost much to buy LTC, and since the value is more predictable, it’s easier to plan your play, as it’s less likely that you will unexpectedly want to sell LTC to exploit a sudden price increase.

The other advantage of Litecoin is that most crypto casinos that accept LTC are serious crypto casinos through and through, and not just any online gambling site looking to cash in quick on the Bitcoin craze. That means when you gamble in LTC friendly sites, you are more likely to be looking at a casino that has a passion for all things crypto and blockchain, and has packed in the latest innovations from the technological forefront to give you the smoothest gaming experience possible. Of course, you should still shop around and check out different sites to see what you like most, although obviously we might just think Stake is the best choice for crypto gambling.

It’s actually much easier to get started with Litecoin casinos than it might seem at first. Having a crypto wallet is always ideal, but if you aren’t set up yet, you can easily buy Litecoin and other popular cryptos with your credit card at many of the sites listed here.

Litecoin Gambling Sites – Stake & Other Recommended LTC Online Casinos
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