EOS Gambling Sites – Stake & Other Recommended EOS Online Casinos

When people are in search of crypto casinos, they are often looking to gamble in Bitcoin. But not always. Because although crypto gambling and Bitcoin are often synonymous in people’s minds, that is in no way the case. Service oriented operators like Stake know that there are actually many other popular digital coins out there, and cater their banking mechanisms accordingly.

The thing is, while EOS is currently ranked somewhere around the 24th mark terms of popular cryptocurrencies – which obviously fluctuates give or take, there are very few online casinos that accept it for transactions. Most sites usually prefer to stick to the top five or six coins on the market.

So Stake already stands out on that front, making it an automatic top choice for those looking to gamble with EOS. That of course, is one of the prime reasons why we love Stake so much. But this review isn’t about heaping praise on our top pick. Rather, we want to help our readers understand the uniqueness in Stake offering EOS banking and help you find other relevant places, if you please.

EOS Details

Original author: block.one
Release date: 2018
Headquarters: Cayman Islands
Founders: Brendan Bloomer and Dan Larimer
Availability: More than 100 countries
Website: eos.io
Contact: Website contact form
Best EOS casino: Stake

If you already hold EOS, you obviously don’t need any convincing as to its value, though this article can still help you with some interesting tidbits. For those wondering what EOS is and how it can be maximized for play, then this one is especially for you. We have important history, functionality, and tips within.

Understanding what EOS is and its relationship to EOSIO can be confusing to those who are less familiar with the blockchain. But in a nutshell, EOS is the cryptocurrency which the EOS.IO blockchain protocol is based on, which can be used for developing, running, and hosting DApps or business applications.

EOS.io Homepage

©eos.io | Eos.io not only provides information about the cryptocurrency but you can also find tools and trainings for developers on the website.

It was originally launched in January 2018. In June that same year, an ICO (initial coin offering) raised $4.1 billion for its holding company and the original developer of its open source software, Block.one.

As for the coin itself, one of its central principles in development was to break into countries where currently crytpo isn’t allowed. Hence, it is seen as having high potential over time, as its technology and popularity improve. Some experts even go so far as to say that it could be an ETH killer, though we don’t see any real reason to believe that as there seems to be plenty of space for a plethora of digital coins out there.

Playing in the casino with EOS – important information

As for the important matter at hand, at the time of writing this review, the reality is that the online gambling options for those holding EOS tokens are still very limited.  There is only a handful of online casinos where you can use them.

StakeFans, of course, are in luck, as our favorite casino is one of the pioneers when it comes to the versatility of accepted digital currencies, Here you can deposit, withdraw, and play with EOS as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternatives, adding to eight options in total.

If banking in EOS is critical for you, then it is easy enough to find out from the get-go if it is accepted at a specific provider, usually before registration.  Most reputable online casinos are very transparent about what you should expect, and often offer their visitors all the necessary information on their homepage or under a special link to a page covering the subject of payments. If not, you can always turn to the casino’s customer service via chat or email and ask if they work with EOS, before you have set up an account.

helpful tips iconAnd here’s a nice little tip: Not only does Stake.com accept EOS for online gambling, it makes it exceptionally easy. You don’t even need to have EOS tokens in your crypto wallet to get started. Rather, the company cooperates with the payment service provider MoonPay, which enables you to exchange US dollars for EOS or any other cryptocurrencies it works with directly on the website. It’s a simple and secure process which many players enjoy.

Top EOS casinos

Casino Bonus License Play with EOS
Stake Casino Logo Regular Promotions Curacao
Fairspin Casino Logo 100% up to $100K + 30 free spins Curacao
BC.Game Casino Logo 4 x 180 % Bonus Curacao

Why choose EOS?

While we’ve provided our top picks in the chart above, the reality is that finding an EOS casino is not all that easy. There is simply not a large selection of crypto casinos out there that allow for EOS payments in addition to well-known currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

EOS CoinsThis is the situation today but it could easily change in the coming years, especially if EOS continues on an upwards trajectory. And there are a number of reasons why many people think it could.

For example, the speed at which new EOS blocks can be generated makes this currency interesting for the gaming sector. And the ecosystem of the Cayman Islands-based company seems perfectly thought-out for growth and long-term functions. Also, while EOS is admittedly not that popular in places like Europe for now, it has certainly established itself as one of the most successful and important cryptocurrencies in places like China.

For those looking to get into the crypto game, it can also hold appeal in that the entrance threshold is low. That is, the purchasing price is generally extremely low, especially in comparison to something like Bitcoin. Also, while its value does fluctuate, the sway is less dramatic to your pocket as it has a lower value to start with. So while you would need to buy a lot of EOS to make a serious profit on a trade, it is also harder to lose large sums. And overall, it is considered a relatively stable coin.

Plus of course, there is the well-known speed for transactions, plus none to very low transaction fees.

So in a nutshell, EOS advantages include:

  • No fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • Extremely fast transactions
  • Secure DApps structure, suitable for all platforms
  • High scalability
  • Easy to use Block.one website
  • Exceptionally secure
  • Easily available on popular crypto exchanges

Again, at this point in time, no prediction can be made as to whether or not EOS will succeed in asserting itself against more prominent currencies on the market. In general, EOS performs very well, especially in comparison with Ethereum. The operators of the blockchain have been working tirelessly for years now to improve it and create a more user-friendly interface. But what will ultimately happen at the end of the day is anyone’s guess.

Does EOS also have disadvantages for casino players?

Probably the biggest disadvantage of EOS is that there are very few crypto casinos that accept the currency at all. As such, other tokens may be more suitable. Especially for players who are looking for as much variety as possible and do not want to limit themselves to the three providers mentioned above.

Other than that, there aren’t any real disadvantages. The price of EOS fluctuates, but so do all crypto coins. And the purchase price is low, so really anyone can get in on the game.

There have been complaints about the EOS blockchain in general, that have nothing to do with casino. For example, some people are suspicious of its management, which was charged – and ultimately settled – at the time of its ICO. The company itself which still holds a lot of the coin, which some don’t like as it can reflect centralization. Plus, the CTO Daniel Larimer recently left, leaving some people wondering.

But overall, while this blockchain still is not yet 100% mature, ongoing fine-tuning is constantly improving the platform, with results that can be felt. There may not be many EOS casinos out there yet, and that’s simply another reason why Stake shines, letting you rather uniquely bank with this rising star of the cryptocurrency world.

Well-known crypto exchanges where you can purchase EOS

In order to be able to play games or make a deposit with EOS, you need to first purchase it. In the case of Stake, you can do it on site via MoonPay from your casino wallet. But in the long run, you may consider buying from a crypto exchange and storing it in a crypto wallet. This is done by exchanging a fiat currency like dollars or euros for the cryptocurrency you want. Your crypto is then held in a wallet, much like a bank account.

If you don’t know where to do this, there are a number of exchanges out there. Obviously do your due diligence to research any one that you find you are interested in. Though we can already tell you that the following are suitable for EOS purchasing, and are known as reputable crypto exchanges overall:

Bitpanda, Binance and Coinbase Logos

  • Bitpanda
  • Binance
  • Coinbase

To get started on any of these crypto exchanges, you will first need to set up a customer account. This is a quick and easy process. If exchange fees are part of your deciding factor in choosing one of these wallets over another, then do browse through each exchange’s website to investigate their rates for each digital coin you are interested in.

If it is only EOS you are looking at, we can already tell you that its transaction costs are generally known to be on the lower end, and certainly far less than Bitcoin, for example. With regard to other functions, it is also worth taking a closer look at the wallets mentioned, especially for those planning a longer-term investment in EOS.

Deposit EOS in the casino – The most important steps

Making an EOS deposit at the casino is more or less the same as making a deposit with any other currency. You will, of course, first need to create a casino account in order to proceed. This is easy enough and requires just a few basic details about like your name, email, and sometimes physical address and phone number too.

If it is a place that is operating legally you will need to confirm that you are over 18 years of age by providing your full birthdate as well. Once you have done that, you are good to go and can make your first deposit. To do so, you will need to go to the casino cashier.

At Stake, for example, it works like this:
helpful tips icon

  1. Open the cash register by clicking on the blue button labelled ‘Wallet’, at the top of your screen.
  2. Select EOS from the dropdown list as your means of payment.
  3. Make the transfer to the EOS deposit address provided onscreen and make sure to include the memo / destination tag so the funds go to the right place.
  4. When your wallet opens up, enter the exact amount you want to send. Remember, in crypto there is no going back, so always be extra careful.
  5. Confirm payment and wait for credit.

Keep in mind, banking with crypto is a bit different than with fiat currencies. Each time you go to make a transaction, you will need to send it to the exact address displayed. You can either retype or copy paste that address into your crypto wallet manually, or you can scan the QR code for this.

AttentionImportant to note: Transactions can only be made with EOS tokens if the memo code is entered correctly in addition to the correct recipient address. This ensures that the credit reaches the correct destination, and at the same time makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to access your EOS coins.

Info IconGood to know: To ensure that tokens are not misdirected, it is essential to check each field is entered carefully, and only press send once you have made extra sure that the information is correct.

Making EOS withdrawals

We’re sure you also want to know about withdrawals, and we can tell you that they are just as easy and work in the exact same way essentially as deposits, just in reverse. So if we go back to Stake as our example, you would simply open your wallet, click on the ‘Withdraw’ tab, choose EOS from the dropdown list, and proceed from there.

How long does an EOS casino deposit take?

One of the things that EOS is best known for is its speed of transactions with its ability to make millions of transactions per second. This happens to be way faster than Bitcoin.

For you this means that from start to finish it will take only a matter of minutes before you see the funds in your account. And the same goes for when you go to cash out. Near instant transactions in both directions, that is.

Is it possible to actually play in EOS as your betting currency?

While all crypto casinos let you bank in different digital coins, there is a difference between them in terms of actually betting.

Play with EOS at Stake

©stake.com | At Stake you can use EOS to play many different games.

That is, some online casinos will let you enjoy the full offering with actual crypto bets, using that as your wagering currency. Others will have betting functions in fiat currency. In the latter case what happens is you deposit in, say EOS, then that amount is converted internally to a fiat value, which you gamble with, and then when you go to cash out, it is exchanged back according to the current EOS exchange rate.

Herein again lies one of the biggest advantages of Stake in terms of EOS gambling in particular and crypto wagering as a whole. That is, at Stake yo uniquely get to bet in your crypto coin of choice. This includes wagers on the full gaming catalog from slots to roulette, live games, and of course even the Stake original titles like Plinko and Crash.

Since all cryptos fluctuate in value, to help you keep track and on budget, Stake also gives you the option to display the amounts you’re betting in the fiat of your choice such as Canadian dollars, yen, or Brazilian real.

Versatile gaming options with the EOS token

Just to clarify, while the exact wagering mechanisms may differ between operators, the same game options apply to EOS as to all other accepted cryptocurrencies. That means, if EOS is an option at the casino, all of its games will be available to you including slots, table games, live games, and all.

If you happen to see a casino advertising Bitcoin games specifically, this is an obvious indicator that BTC is one of the cryptocurrencies it accepts. However, since Bitcoin has become synonymous with crypto, it is always worth checking if other coins like EOS or Ethereum are accepted as well. If so, then you can rest assured that the full offering is available in any of the currencies offered.

Crypto games at Stake

EOS live gaming – Does it work?

Experience has shown that there are no restrictions on the game selection in crypto casinos. So just to be clear, yes, you absolutely can play live games with crypto as well, including EOS at places like Stake. That means live roulette, live craps, live baccarat, and more – even the exciting Evolution Gaming TV style game shows. As an aside, at Stake there is EOS sports betting available too. Just another great reason we prefer this place!

Popular EOS alternatives

While we certainly love Stake, anyone who is interested in crypto casinos will not always have the opportunity to use available EOS credit as a means of payment. As such, if you want to enjoy crypto gambling, you may want to also consider other well-known cryptocurrencies, and possibly buy them at an early stage via one of the preferred exchanges.

As an idea, almost all crypto casinos we’ve come across accept:

Bitcoin Logo Litecoin Logo Ethereum Logo Bitcoin Cash Logo

When it comes to fees, these more established coins cannot necessarily compete with EOS. However, in return, what they offer is a larger range of crypto casino options, and ultimately games and bonus options.

EOS casino bonus offers and promotions

If you are wondering about particular EOS bonuses or other promotions, the reality is we haven’t found any. That is, none directly associated with these tokens alone. Rather, from what we have seen, any online casino that accepts EOS will also give any relevant bonus or offer in accordance.

EOS bonuses at Stake

Stake Banner

For example, for StakeFans, the same general conditions apply for EOS bonuses as to Ethereum and other cryptocurrency bonuses. Although the provider has dispensed with a welcome bonus per se, it has been well replaced with other versatile and lucrative campaigns. Above all, there is a very attractive VIP program which rewards you with loyalty points for every wager. And as you reach higher VIP levels, there are some significantly awesome services and prizes too.

So yes, it is safe to say that there are in essence EOS bonuses available at Stake. But what about its competitors?

EOS bonuses at Fairspin.io

Fairspin Bonus Banner

One of the great things about Fairspin, and certainly a big attraction for many new players is its four-part welcome bonus. When you join, you will get a very significant bonus on your first four deposits, each at a different value, but all relevant for EOS as much as any other accepted currency.

The first deposit bonus, for example, is a matter of choice but if you want the highest level and you’re willing to invest a lot from the get-go, it can be for as much as 100% up to $100,000 plus 30 free spins! While the amount is listed in dollars, it is simply converted to the dollar value should you opt to bank in EOS. Additionally, there are other promotions from time to time, plus the awesome rakeback program that helps you earn valuable TFS tokens for every bet.

EOS bonuses at BC.Game

BC.Game Krypto Banner

BC.Game too has lots of promotions running at any given time, which can be claimed with EOS deposits as well. In fact, as it boasts on its very own Promotions page, you can get a bonus on every deposit. You get started beginning with a 180% bonus on your first three deposits, and up to a whopping 240% reward on deposit number four.

Deposit with EOS and get free spins

Regardless of which cryptocurrency you prefer, we have found EOS casinos to be very generous overall, especially when it comes to granting free spins. New customers receive up to 140 free spins at Fairspin, for example, as part of its four-part welcome package. Just note you will need to make all four deposits to claim them all.

While not officially a part of its generous welcome package, at BC.Game there is another way to get free spins with EOS. And that is through what it calls “shitcodes”, which among other things can be used to unlock free spins and other rewards.

As for Stake players, we are privy to lots of free spins too. Most often, these are granted as a loyalty bonus, and in some cases also as a reward when you make it to a new VIP level. It’s similar to how it works at BC.Game where you earn free spins based on your effort. Or at Stake, where if you want more free spins, playing more, in large part, is the way to go.

Our assessment of EOS casinos

Overall, there are not all that many online casinos out there that work with EOS at this moment. But as we know how things work in the crypto world, that could just as easily change at any point.

So for the time being, Stake really is the top option for online EOS gambling. For those still wondering if it is worth it, we can’t really tell you. Obviously cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are more ubiquitous, but EOS is way cheaper to buy. This is really going to be a decision based on your personal budget, investment interests. Only marginally is it about which online casino you would like to play.

If you do go with EOS however, it is good to note that as long as the casino that accepts it, there are no worries at all. EOS is safe, relatively stable, and eligible for casino bonuses too.

EOS Gambling Sites – Stake & Other Recommended EOS Online Casinos
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