N3on – the Streamer & Stakefan Known for Fake Videos

N3on is another Youtuber and streamer who has been gathering a lot of steam lately. He’s young and full of controversies, with an envious follower count in the hundreds of thousands. And he’s only barely legal. Age wise, we mean. Born in 2004, N3on is an American streamer who is still not even allowed a beer in his home town, but he’s definitely showing us that age doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to gaming and streaming.

neon Stakefan


He’s got plenty of rizz and audacity, and to be honest he can be more than a little clickbaity. For a long time, no one was really sure what his real name even was. We now know N3on is Rangesh Mutama, but Mikhail Rafiq has also been floated around. And if you’re wondering who he really is, we got all the facts for you here.

But before our deep dive, here are the basics. N3on, or just plain Neon, got on social media in 2016 when he wasn’t even 12 years old. He quickly put together his passions for NBA2K, Fortnite and pranks together into videos on Youtube.

By 2019, he had figured out his super loud style and was bringing it on live on Twitch. Fast forward a few more years, and he has more than 700k subscribers on Youtube. Today, he’s joined the rank of top streamers on Kick.com and is playing regularly at Stake Casino.

Some facts about N3on

Streamer pseudonym: N3on
Real name: Rangesh Mutama or Mikhail Rafiq
Location: USA
Date of Birth: Aug 13, 2004
Follower: 257k (Kick.com as n3on)
180k (Twitch.tv as n3on)
118k (X (formerly Twitter) as @N3onOnYT)
750k (YouTube as N3ON)
158k (Youtube as N3on Live)
2.6k (Youtube as N3ON Clips)
438k (Instagram as n3onsingh)
25.7k (Instagram as mrn3on)
233k (TikTok as @n3onnn)
163k (TikTok as @n3onreturns)
Characteristics: Controversial guy, known for posting fake videos.
Biggest win: unknown
Biggest multiplier: unknown
N3on net worth: Over one Million
N3on Casino: Stake

Who is N3on and what’s so controversial?

Neon is a fast talking guy who sometimes streams with the likes of Adin Ross, Sneako, and Bradley Martin. His real name is Rangesh Mutama, but for ages he was saying it was Mikhail Rafiq with his friends calling him Mikhail while live on stream. But he’s also saying his name is Rangesh, so no one is super certain, but all bets on the internet seem to be on Rangesh.

In any case, he was born in the US of A, on August 13, 2004. He’s of South East Asian descent. Again it’s not 100% sure but the bets are on Pakistani or Indian. As you can see there are a couple of key items that are unconfirmed. Neon has been pretty good about keeping his deets under wrap.

Screenshot of N3on's little brother

©youtube | Neon’s little brother, telling the Youtube community that Mikhail is dead.

But we do know Neon has at least two brothers, because they helped him with his fake death controversy among other things. Basically, he pretended that he had a brain tumor and died over Christmas 2019, with his brothers uploading videos on his behalf.

Another pretty bad one was when Mikhail lied about meeting someone who was sick with Covid, just when the virus was emerging and causing havoc. For this he put a thumbnail that looked like he was visiting someone in hospital, but the video was Fortnite play and an interview with another streamer who said he had caught the virus.

Or in short, N3on is kind of known for publishing fake videos that can be pretty exploitive. He’s also been called out for fat shaming others, racist, and homophobic comments. Some have even called him the most hated kid on the internet. But this kid is certainly good at getting people’s attention and has developed his own following quite successfully. So much that there are rumors that he will be moving into the streamers house with Adin Ross and co.

The Donald Trump Controversy

Stake UFC PartnerMore recently in December 2023, N3on had bought tickets to go to UFC so he could confront Donald Trump live. He posted his intentions on Instagram, and then security wouldn’t let him into the building. Dana White wasn’t all too impressed and called him a punk.

N3on Casino Streams

N3ON Gems Bonanza Win

©kick.com/n3on | In one of his first streaming sessions Neon won several hundred dollars from Gems Bonanza.

Like many top performing gamers, N3on has been flirting with online gambling. Casino streams are still not a part of his regular offering and he’s definitely no Roshstein in terms of long hours of casino content. But there are short videos of Neon going completely berserk in his typical exaggerated style with a reasonably handsome win from Gems Bonanza while playing at Stake. Real or fake, it’s understandably hard to tell given Neon’s history with fake videos. But since then his casino content has considerably toned down.

In some of his IRL streams, he’s seen walking through Las Vegas, chatting up with strangers while gambling live at Stake. He then gives them a share of his winnings right away. Obviously, that’s pretty damn sweet.

N3on Stream Times

Neon has completely moved over from Twitch to Kick as his place to stream. Compared to many other Kick streamers, N3on has a lot more IRL content, which is certainly nice to see. However, if you are looking for his streaming schedule, there is none. That’s one of the main differences between Twitch and Kick. Still, it’s not too hard. Mikhail takes this like a pro and is online several times a week and his streams can range from 2 to 9 hours. The easiest way to make sure you catch it all live is to follow him on X – as in the platform formerly known as Twitter.

n3on kick broadcasts

©kick.com/n3on | There may be no timetable, but you can be sure that n3on is live on Kick.com almost every day.

The N3on and Stake Deal

You’d be right to ask what is the deal between Neon and Stake. So from what we know, the two had a deal that was probably closed in Fall 2023. But then there’s been some doubts since a video shows him listening to a message from Adin Ross saying the deal’s off and the only collab left is with Kick. And then N3on has also said that being Muslim, gambling is against his faith. But anyway. The fact is he’s still been gambling and walking through Vegas.

And lately, especially since January 2024, Neon has been playing at Stake more regularly on his streams. And if the rumors are true that he will be moving in with Adin Ross and other streamers, we will certainly be expecting more in that direction.

Rangesh Mutama Top Games at Stake

Long story short, N3on’s casino streams sees a bit of everything in terms of slots and crypto games. High volatility slots from Pragmatic Play like Gates of Olympus and Gems Bonanza have been popular among lots of streamers, and Rangesh has also been giving them a spin. Blackjack being the most classic and the first gambling game that everyone learns, is unsurprisingly also there. In particular, live blackjack seems to be the preferred version of the game.

Games N3on plays at Stake:

  • Blackjack
  • Gems Bonanza
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Wanted Dead or a Wild
  • Sweet Fiesta

Gambling is of course not limited to just games. Sports betting is also a big part of the scene. In a clip with Bradley Martyn, he talks about how he lost all the money he had – a cool $200k – with his sports betting addiction at the age of 16. Some of the $200k was from previous wins, but it’s still unclear where a minor could be swinging sports bets like this in the US, where gambling including sportsbetting is only legal from 18 onwards.

N3ON playing at Stake.com

Does Neon have any Betting Strategies?

There’s a lot of big bets and shock that’s typical of N3on’s style. But it seems that Rangesh is mostly still just going with the flow when it comes to gambling, and there isn’t any clear betting strategy that he uses. Which actually isn’t such a bad idea since he still seems to getting a feel for all the games at Stake. And anyhow, with games of luck like slots, strategies beyond budget management have limited application, since a fair game has to be truly random.

What is N3on’s Net Worth – Facts and Figures

N3on with an expensive car

©twitter.com/N3onOnYT | Compared to other casino streamers, Neon is relatively modest with this wealth. This old posting on Twitter (now X) is an exception.

Estimates on N3on’s net worth vary rather wildly from $100k to $1 million. Although his Stake deal has been a bit up in the air lately, we know that the casino does strike deals in the millions with top performing streamers. And then there is the deal with Kick on top of that.

However, prior to these two major deals, Rangesh Mutama had already secured himself a solid subscriber base on Youtube. First playing NBA2K and Fortnite, before branching out to his wild IRL content. He has without a doubt made a name for himself as a content creator, even if a controversial one. And let’s not forget, controversy gets clicks.

Neon was one of the most viewed streamers in October 2023. Beyond the bit of revenue share from the streaming platform, it’s important to remember that these kinds of stats and achievements can mean a lot in the world of influencers.

Neon Social Media Accounts

Rangesh Mutama grew up with social media. Before his 12th birthday, he had already opened his own Youtube channel before moving on to live streams on Twitch. Clearly, he knows how to work the different platforms to his advantage.

While Twitch was the platform for a long time, it’s stopped being the place to be for many gamers. N3on has stopped streaming there and completely moved over Kick. Of course, you’ll find Neon’s other content on TikTok, Instagram and so on too. Below is a summary of what you can find where.

kick.com logoKick: Kick is really the place to be for casino streamers. And although Neon hasn’t been doing any full blown gambling sessions here so far, there are bits and pieces already showing. What his 257k followers see are lots of IRL streams. And that means parties at the mansion and lots of girls. Each stream typically attracts 3 to 7,000 viewers.

TikTok LogoTikTok: The ultimate place for short videos. The N3on TikTok account linked to his Kick is actually n3onreturns. Returns from what, we don’t know. But he has 163.4k followers here and 23.6k likes. There’s not much here and most of the videos here just get a few thousand views. Although there’s one where he’s talking about how he might be dying soon that has 322.2k views. As one person commented, didn’t he play this trick 5 years ago?

Then there is a N3onnn TikTok that has 233.6k followers and seems a bit more together. More videos, with more views, ranging from the thousands to above 10k. He took a bit of a break from TikTok around Fall 2023, but since 2024, he’s been posting much more regularly. In terms of content, there’s a lot of IRL with friends, and a lot of them are also clips from his streams.

The confusing thing is he’s been posting to both accounts recently. They do seem to be different, both in this pretty random way. So when in doubt, just follow both. It won’t cost you anything.

X (Twitter) LogoTwitter (now known as X): He’s been on Twitter as N3onOnYT since March 2020 and now has 118.3k followers. Although he doesn’t tweet daily, he is regularly active here. As for the tweets themselves, it’s a bit of a mix bag but it’s all about what’s happening in his life. Lately there’s been a few more posts about his girlfriend Sam and them getting back together after her cheating.

Casino Streamer Youtube LogoYoutube: Rangesh started N3on on Youtube in what feels like way back in 2016. In the beginning, it was mostly NBA2K and Fortnite video. Once he saw his viewer count jump up when he started to show his face, he cued in and let out his inner rage. The rest is pretty much history.

On his main channel, he has 750k subscribers. Videos are mostly IRL content, from partying it up with the NELK boys, to getting arrested with his girlfriend and so on. There are also Shorts, which aren’t all that different from his TikToks.

Casino Streamer InstagramInstagram: There are a couple of Neon related Insta pages. N3onsingh, which he links from his Kick, is surprisingly dead with just 5 posts despite 438k followers. Meanwhile, there’s another mrn3on on IG that’s more active with 54 posts although that’s only got 25.7k followers.

Ironically, both were started in 2023. Looks like Rangesh and his team need to better coordinate his Instagram. But in terms of content, they’re lots of short videos more or less in the same flavor as his TikToks. That’s to say, some with his girlfriend, some with other streamers like Sneako. Or getting benched by Bradley Martyn at the gym.

The Stakefans Take on N3on

N3on aka Rangesh Mutama aka Mikhail Rafiq is making a name for himself as a streamer. He’s got an exaggerated smile that sometimes has a bit of a Mr Bean feeling. But don’t be fooled. This guy is loud and fast. He also has a reputation for releasing clickbait material and is most famously known for faking his own death. Still, he’s doing something right and is one of the most viewed streamers today, hanging with the Adin Ross crew.

On the gambling side, it seems things got off to a rocky start with the Stake deal but has since mend itself. He’s also completed migrated over to Kick with a deal. Casino isn’t a regular part of Neon’s stream yet though. A lot of the streams are IRL and sometimes has him playing on his phone or tablet and sharing the wins with people passing by. No real complaints from us though, as we enjoy a bit of variation in our streams on Kick every now and then.

N3on - the Streamer & Stakefan Known for Fake Videos
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