Ethereum Gambling Sites – Stake and Other Recommended ETH Casinos

One of the main reasons we love Stake is because it is a crypto casino. And that means it is more than just a Bitcoin casino. In fact, in addition to the most famous of all cryptocurrencies it accepts seven others. One of the best options, in our opinion, is the increasingly popular Ethereum (ETH), a digital currency based on decentralized open source blockchain networks that has been competing with BTC for a number of years.

Due to the outstanding security features of Ether, quite a few crypto casinos and other businesses which accept digital tokens have now decided to work with ETH as well. Some even offer their customers a special Ethereum welcome bonus.

What’s so great about Ethereum that it’s got famous crypto investors like Elon Musk hooked, you ask? And why does it make a great banking option for online players? Keep reading for all the answers, and more.

ETH Details

Company: Ethereum Foundation
Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Switzerland
Founders: Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin
Availability: Worldwide
Best ETH casino: Stake

* Important information about the conversion rate: There are now several Ethereum variants available. ETH 2.0 is currently on the rise, but at the moment, most crypto casinos only offer the classic coin, so keep that in mind. Also, while we’ve provided the current EUR exchange rate for ETH, if you want to make other calculations in the converter, for example to USD, just follow the link and make the conversion there by updating the fields accordingly.

Gambling Online with Ether – Important Starting Points

With Ethereum increasingly becoming a cryptocurrency of choice for many people, you will find more and more online casinos accepting it. But not all. So as a first step it is important to ensure that the casino you are considering playing at does indeed accept Ethereum. Stake, for example, does.

Once you’ve identified such a casino, you’ll need to register, which basically means set up an account. Since we’re talking about cryptocurrencies here, this should be a particularly easy process with little personal details required to complete. Heck, many crypto casinos don’t even ask for verification to get started, so it should be super quick with as little as your name, email address, and password required.

Stake ETH Deposit

At Stake and many other online casinos you can deposit with ETH.

Next, while most online casinos that accept ETH will have earlier indications on the user interface to advertise this fact, once you’ve joined we recommend clicking over to the casino’s wallet or cashier to confirm. Each online casino obviously will have its own exact UI, but the actual banking process from here is pretty much universal, and the same as when gambling with any other “regular” currency like Euros or US dollars. The only difference here is that in your wallet, you’ll be selecting Ethereum as your currency option payment method and essentially currency option in one.

Once you have done so, to make a deposit, you’ll have one of two options. You can either copy the address provided onscreen and enter it into your own wallet, or scan the QR code to make things even simpler. It’s really up to you and how you prefer to do these things. If you do choose to go the URL route, just make sure you copy it in full, because if you make an error, you know how crypto works. It’s not a bank and you won’t be able to make a change.

It’s good to know that if you don’t already own ETH, crypto casinos such as Stake or Fairspin allow direct ETH purchases via third-party providers. Stake, for example, will redirect you to the very reliable MoonPay service to complete such a transaction. even goes so far as to offer two independent services, MoonPay and The purchase itself will take no more than a few minutes, regardless of the route you choose.

Top Ether Casinos:

Casino Bonus License Play
Stake Casino Logo different promos Curacao
Fairspin Casino Logo 100k $ + 30 free spins Curacao
Roobet Casino Logo Crypto promos Curacao
BitStarz Casino Logo 20 ETH + 180 free spins Curacao
mBit Casino Logo 28 ETH + 300 free spins Curacao
Cloudbet Casino Logo 5 ETH Curacao

True, the development of digital tokens is astonishing, and even being able to create such a list says something. Frankly, 10 years ago hardly anyone would have thought that crypto would be giving traditional Euros a run for their money as the most popular way to gamble online. But so it is.

There are now dozens of online casinos, if not more, that work entirely in crypto like Stake, or in a hybrid model like Fairspin, which accepts both crypto and fiat. Since we’re Stake fans here, it comes as no surprise that our favorite crypto casino accepts Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More than that, it’s the best place to play with ETH.

Info IconInteresting tidbit: Ethereum is not only gaining ground as a popular banking choice at Stake. In general, it has a similarly high status at crypto casinos as Bitcoin does, which above all, ensures transactions with ETH work just as easily as with BTC. This immense popularity, however, hasn’t seemed to trickle down to Stake streamers yet, as most of them – including Montana Black and Roshtein – continue to focus primarily on Bitcoin investments. That being said, there are many celebrities who have faith in ETH. Big shots as diverse as Elon Musk, Reese Witherspoon, Gene Simmons, and Jay-Z being known to have invested in Ethereum.

Advantages of playing at an ETH casino

  • Fast transactions in both directions
  • No limits on deposits and withdrawals*
  • Stable and proven cryptocurrency
  • Accepted in many crypto casinos
  • Private and secure
  • Verifiably fair games
  • Special ETH bonus promotions available
* Some providers, such as BitStarz, have limited payouts per transaction.

The benefits of playing at an ETH casino are pretty much the same as those enjoyed when playing at a BTC place. If you already hold ETH and are looking for what to do with it besides watch its value grow, then this is another great option. And a whole lot of fun along the way.

If a casino accepts BTC and ETH that means all of its games can be played in either of those cryptocurrencies. Places like Stake have an added advantage, in that while you can only bank in crypto, you can always switch your screen view so that you can see the value in dollars or euros or whatever you like. This helps you keep track of the exchange value as well.

Ethereum CoinAlso, since the price of crypto can fluctuate wildly, you can even end up earning extra value on your ETH while you’re busy playing at the casino, before you even go about with your withdrawal. And of course, withdrawals may just be the biggest plus of crypto gambling, in that casinos like Stake have no limits on withdrawals. That means it is easier than ever to get your money, even A LOT of money, out in one go.

Plus, since there is no bureaucracy involved, the transaction times are generally far shorter than with other payment methods. This is certainly true for withdrawals. Instead of waiting to clear say the bank’s pending process, you simply need the cited number of confirmations, which usually takes no more than a few minutes, and the money is yours.

Just remember, however, there are blockchain fees for cryptocurrency transactions. If you haven’t already done so, it may be worth comparing between common crypto wallets for some extra savings in the long term.

Ethereum vs. Bitcoin – A Few Basic Differences

Info IconOne of the questions we’re often asked is: what’s the difference between different cryptocurrencies? This is a long and complicated answer, with a lot of nuances, since there are so many cryptos out there. But since this article is about ETH specifically, we’ll just focus on the difference between ETH and BTC for now.

Even at first glance, it’s pretty clear that BTC and ETH differ significantly, especially when it comes to the market price. For 1 Bitcoin you would get around 12 to 13 Ethereum, give or take, as the prices fluctuate quite a bit. In other words Bitcoin has a much higher value. It also means if you don’t already hold one of these digital coins, Bitcoin is a lot more expensive to buy. So for many, Ethereum makes for a more accessible starting point.

Bitcoin und Ethereum SymbolbildBut while Bitcoin is higher priced, the value of Ethereum also varies. For example, it peaked at $4,022.47 in September 2021 and was around $3,815 in December 2021. True, that shows a drop, but if you’re buying low, that can actually work to your advantage. As an investment, many would argue it’s currently ahead of Bitcoin, because a lot of profit can still be made.

Another aspect is scalability, as ETH is based on decentralized apps, unlike Bitcoin. The technology is clearly different from one another, which is in large part what has many betting on Ethereum in the long term. Similarly, it only takes a fraction of the computing power required for BTC to generate it, so Ethereum can therefore be produced much faster and more energy-efficiently at that.

Good ETH Wallets for Beginners

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you already hold ETH. But if you don’t, we’ll bet you’re wondering how to go about acquiring it. Or perhaps more accurately, which crypto wallets are best suited to purchase Ethereum for casinos such as, Fairspin, or Roobet.

From our experience, the better proven crypto wallets are:

  • Bitpanda
  • Binance
  • Coinbase

Buying ETH through any of these exchange platforms is very easy. After registration, transactions can be made within a very short time. The exact steps differ slightly between these services, but overall handling is almost identical in all three companies. And there are clear instructions and prompts to help you out along the way, as well as reliable customer support service.

Just note, at this stage, ie. pre-registration, a fee comparison is worthwhile between the different crypto platforms. Although the ETH network transaction fees are usually cheaper than with Bitcoin purchases, there are minor deviations between the three wallets, which over time could add up to great savings for Ethereum casino customers if you’re dedicated to the medium.

Alternative to setting up a crypto wallet

Stake ETH Moonpay

You can deposit ETH at Stake Casino with Moonpay.

All that being said, you don’t necessarily need a wallet to buy Ethereum. Stake and some fellow casino operators allow payment directly through third-party providers such as MoonPay. This makes it even easier to get started because you can theoretically save yourself all of the aforementioned crypto wallet setup. Realistically speaking, this path is particularly useful for casino customers who only want to use tokens such as Ethereum to play casino games with anyway.

How to Deposit Ethereum in the Casino – The Most Important Steps

Now that you’ve determined that ETH is your currency of choice, it’s time to get gambling. But in order to do that you’ll need to make a deposit. Easy! If you’ve ever played at an online casino before, the steps will look super similar. In fact, even if you’ve simply made an online purchase in the past, it will be a completely familiar process. And if you haven’t, well it’s incredibly intuitive.

We’ll use the Stake deposit process for a more practical example.

helpful tips icon

  1. Log in to the casino.
  2. Click on the blue ‘Wallet’ button.
  3. Choose ETH from the dropdown menu under the ‘Deposit’ tab.
  4. Enter the ETH deposit address shown on screen in your crypto wallet.
  5. Or, alternately, scan the QR code.
  6. Enter the amount you’d like transferred.
  7. Once the amount is entered and you complete the transaction, it will take a few minutes for the required blockchain confirmations to complete it.

Just note, as the instructions in the Stake wallet point out, only ETH tokens created by ECR20 are accepted. ECR20 is the common standard that is provided by all of the wallets listed. In addition, in the case of Stake, a minimum deposit amount of 0.003 ETH applies.

Also, again, if you don’t have a personal wallet address, you can use MoonPay for your exchange with Stake. In this case, it is sufficient to enter any euro amount and the service provider will automatically convert it into your preferred crypto currency, which we’re guessing at this point is ETH.

Fist IconImportant to note: MoonPay also charges a small fee for transactions, so you should take this into account.

How long does it take before you see Ethereum credits in your casino account?

If all requirements are met and there is already Ether in your preferred wallet, the payment process is not only super easy, but also extremely fast. All it takes is 12 confirmations and you’re done. 12 may sound like a lot, but these things move really fast. Only in exceptional cases will it take more than a few minutes and up to half an hour max before the Ethereum casino credit is seen in your account. This primarily has to do with network transaction speed, and is not something the casino itself can control.

Info IconNote: Our assessments only speak of the well-known crypto wallets and MoonPay – that is systems that our StakeFans have already used repeatedly and subjected to countless practical tests. If you use any of these, you can usually start playing for real money winnings within minutes.

How to Withdraw Ethereum from Your Account

Of course making a deposit is important to get started gambling in ETH. But let’s be realistic, you’re probably at least as interested in making a withdrawal. Or more accurately, how easy making a withdrawal is going to be.

The good news is, at a recommended crypto casino, and certainly at our beloved Stake, cashing out is super easy. At Stake, all you’ll need to do is toggle over to the ‘Withdraw’ tab in your wallet, enter your ETH address, and the amount you would like to cash out.

Just note, there is a minimum withdrawal here. At last check it was the equivalent of $37.82, and a fee last listed at $11.35, which is subtracted from your balance to cover the transaction. These fees are really the only downside of crypto transactions. But if you’re familiar with the format, then you also know that they are par for the course.

Making Bets in ETH

All of our recommended Ethereum casinos obviously accept ETH for banking purposes. And, as importantly, for betting. But how exactly this looks depends on which Ethereum casino you choose. Stake players, for example, benefit from a variety of accepted cryptocurrencies for banking purposes, as well as the fact that you can play in all of them, including Ethereum.

Stake ETH Wins

At Stake you can play many different games in crypto and in ETH. You will also get your wins and payouts in Ethereum.

For each coin type there is a separate area in your account with the current status, ie. how much of it you have in your Stake account. Switching between coins is easy and manual. You can have several sub-accounts for each currency. This ability to use multiple cryptos from a single account and switch back and forth at your leisure is another one of the reasons why we love Stake so much.

That and the fact that you can also place bets in crypto there, and not just a corresponding EUR or USD value. In other words, all of the games available at Stake can be played using ETH as your betting currency. For the sake of simplicity, there is also the option of displaying all amounts in USD, or almost any other fiat you’re used to banking in. Just keep in mind, the fiat amounts displayed are approximations and all bets and associated winnings will be settled in the crypto equivalent when you go to cash out.

Online casinos that accept both fiat and crypto, on the other hand, often convert stakes and winnings into Euros. This applies to Fairspin casino, for example. So while you’re banking in crypto there, you’re actually betting in EUR or USD.

Verifiably Fair Games Offered with ETH

While “regular” online casinos regularly talk about random number generators (RNG), crypto casinos have a slightly different lingo, with a slightly different process. True, all of the games you’ll find at a crypto casino have random results – especially since they are almost all from top software providers that service fiat casinos as well. So the games will have built-in RNGs. This is great stuff for fairness, but crypto casinos have added a level to the matter with verifiably fair technology. Although this concept is generally associated with the Bitcoin blockchain, it is actually something that works with all accepted cryptos, including of course Ether.

You can check for yourself that the results of a game round you played are fair by checking out the cryptographic hash function. It’s a bit complicated to the uninitiated, but not so much that a novice can’t learn. And casinos like Stake make it really easy, with a full section dedicated to explaining the concept of verifiably games, the client seed and server seed involved, and how to generate results so you can see the outcome of any round you’ve played for yourself.

Games That Are Available in ETH Currency

Nowadays, pretty much all online casino games are available to players who want to gamble in ETH. At a casino like Stake, all means all. Which means that any of the thousands of online casino games that you find there, including tons of slots and table games, can be played with Ethereum bets.

Other hybrid casinos we’ve come across have different setups. Some have special sections dedicated to crypto games, meaning only those are available for crypto bets. Also, as we outlined earlier, at places like Fairspin, your betting is not actually in ETH – rather your banking is, so your actual bets will be placed in fiat, but eventually you’ll cash out in Ethereum.

And by the way, there is another category of crypto games, that is often referred to as original casino games. These are titles like Plinko, Limbo, Crash, and Mines. What sets them apart is that they are only found at crypto casinos like Stake, giving this format yet another great advantage of offering something above and beyond the expected. Needless to say, Stake originals can be played in ETH.

Experience has shown that there are no restrictions in the game portfolio because the innovative providers in the industry are well prepared. They have already adapted their online slot machines, roulette tables, and the likes and perfectly matched currencies such as Ether so it all works seamlessly.

Does Ether Work in the Live Casino?

In general, if Ethereum is accepted as a means of payment at a casino, it means all of its online games are in essence crypto games. Live casino games are no exception. In fact, if you love trips to a Vegas style, bricks and mortars casino, and happen to be interested in crypto this makes for an absolute perfect combination. That’s because only online can you enjoy the thrill of live casino gaming while using crypto for making bets.

If you are in the mood for real time roulette, blackjack, or even Monopoly action – or any of the other extraordinary live casino games available at Stake – ETH deposits can make for an excellent choice for fueling your play

Ethereum Casino Bonus Offers and Promotions

Since there tends to be quite a bit of fluctuation in the exchange rate of crypto, and in the case of Bitcoin in particular the value can vary wildly, not all relevant establishments necessarily offer a crypto casino bonus.

But just to give you a bit of understanding as to the different types of bonus offers and rewards you might expect, we’ve broken the matter down a bit.

Stake Casino

Stake ETH Banner

As StakeFans know, the popular crypto casino rewards loyalty with exciting bonuses through its super lucrative VIP program. These can be freely selected, especially at the higher VIP levels. They can be claimed according to your preferred cryptocurrency, including ETH. Crypto bonuses available at Stake run the full gamut, covering all the rewards we love like reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, level up bonuses, monthly bonuses, and more. Just another great reason we love Stake so much!


Bitstarz Bonus Banner ETH

New players at BitStarz casino are welcomed the traditional way, with an excellent welcome bonus, which you can claim with as little as a 0.01 ETH deposit. The maximum bonus available if you’re up for a little more fun is a full 100% up to 20 ETH. Whichever you choose, this offer is a nice way to start out with double the funds. It should be easy to claim, but if you have any issues figuring it out, we found the customer support to be well versed in Ether coin bonuses.


Cloudbet Bonus Banner ETH

Another great place to get started if you’re an Ethereum gambler is definitely Cloudbet. The site has a 100% up to 5 ETH welcome bonus. Like BitStarz, the minimum deposit required to be eligible for the bonus is a mere 0.01 ETH. While smaller than the Bitstarz welcome offer, it’s still worth collecting. And since Cloudbet is such a strong crypto casino – with a related sports betting site no less – it is definitely worthwhile.


Mbit Bonus Banner ETH

If you’re looking for a really generous crypto welcome bonus, Mbit casino pretty much takes the top spot. It offers a full 110% up to 28 ETH bonus on your first deposit. In other words, it is both paying at a higher percentage and giving you a max amount of far more ETH coins. Plus, Mbit throws in an extra 300 free spins to make this one seriously good ETH welcome bonus. Add to that the fact that it rewards you on your second and third deposits, and you can see why players may join for the welcome package alone.

ETH Casino Free Spins

In addition to an Ethereum welcome bonus, free spins are often part of the promotions that are waiting for new customers in crypto casinos. And they are certainly available to players along the way through various promotions. Our experts were thrilled to discover, the terms free spins and ETH are in no way mutually exclusive.

A good example is Mbit casino, which as we outlined above, sweetens the welcome deal with 300 free spins thrown in whether you’re banking in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or whatever. BitStarz, for its part, has free spins with its welcome bonus, plus specials every Wednesday. So if you’re interested in weekly free spins, all you need to do is make a minimum 0.07 ETH deposit on any given Wednesday and the free spins are yours.

These are only a sampling of what can be found. There are plenty of other free spin offers for crypto players, and ETH coin play in particular. As a tip, besides those published on any of the casino websites, we strongly recommend keeping your eyes on your inbox or mobile, as extra offers that include crypto free spins could certainly be coming your way.

Our Assessment of Ethereum Casinos

While Bitcoin is undoubtedly the best-known crypto coin out there, and certainly has many advantages and appealing traits, in our opinion Ethereum is no less of a contender. In fact, some argue that Ethereum is even preferable in speed, scalability, and room for growth. Either way, over the last few years it has established a strong following of its own, and is generally considered to have taken second place directly behind BTC on the crypto scene.

For casino players, Ether tokens can be particularly interesting, especially if you’re just getting in on the crypto game. That’s because the purchase price is still significantly lower than BTC, like 12-15X less depending on the day. Yet ETH is accepted at almost all online casinos that work with BTC. So if you are looking to get into crypto gaming, this can be an excellent opportunity. If you already have ETH, and are looking for ways to enjoy it, a crypto casino is always a good choice.

In terms of ETH banking, deposits and withdrawals work just as easily and quickly as with any other digital currency. All transactions are quick, and by nature of the blockchain, very secure. With more and more online casinos moving to the world of crypto gambling – or like Stake, being developed exclusively for crypto bets – there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy all sorts of thrills. All with Ethereum. All safely. And all a whole lot of fun.

Ethereum Gambling Sites – Stake and Other Recommended ETH Casinos
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